Core Values

The Tucson Regional Ballet distinguishes itself as a school and company that offers pre-professional ballet training complemented by training in tap and jazz.  Additionally, the school focuses on students of all ages, with varying degrees of interest and talent, who wish to participate in dance instruction in an inspiring learning environment for the challenge and joy of dance.


The Tucson Regional Ballet will be a premier pre-professional and community ballet school and company.


The mission of the Tucson Regional Ballet is to provide affordable, quality professional dance training with performance opportunities for everyone.  TRB will provide community outreach to diverse audiences that includes performance representing both the classical ballet tradition and the rich ethnic and cultural background of Tucson and the Southwest.


In order to meet its Vision and Mission, the Tucson Regional Ballet subscribes to the following core values and expectations:

            Nurturing:  TRB provides a constructive environment through positive reinforcement and encouragement of individual skill, performance development, potential, and the joy of dance.

            Respect:  TRB maintains a culture of mutual respect.  TRB respects a dancer’s personal qualities and contributions to the class, enabling them to develop self-respect for their abilities and skills and their progress as a dancer.    .

            Integrity:  TRB acts with honesty, integrity, and trust in offering all dancers opportunities to succeed and families to expect confidential, constructive feedback.

            Excellence: TRB uses sound educational practices based on specific knowledge of dance education, child development, and the art of dance that ensures a safe, healthy, and appropriate environment for learning.

Commitment: TRB is committed to the development of the dancer as an artist as well as an appreciation of the field of dance.  This commitment contributes to the empowerment of self.

In order to meet these expectations, school/company directors and dance instructors will

  • interact with each student, family, and colleague in a professional, caring, and positive manner.
  • respect the privacy and confidentiality of students, families, and colleagues.
  • ensure that all actions taken are for the benefit of all.