Tucson Regional Ballet’s School Matinees

As part of our continuing dedication to bring the arts to Southern Arizona’s youth, we are pleased to announce our 2019 – 2020 season.

A Southwest Nutcracker 
Friday, December 13 at 10:00 am

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The Tortoise and the Jackrabbit
Friday, April 17 at 9:45 and 11:30 am

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Matinee Program Summary

  • All seats are $9.00 for A Southwest Nutcracker and $7.00 for The Tortoise and the Jackrabbit.
  • There is a $5.00 handling fee on all registration requests.
  • A 10% non-refundable deposit, or purchase order for the full amount is required for registration.
  • Balance of the total order is due 30 calendar days prior to the performance.
  • Matinees are intended for students: ratio of adult chaperones to students may not exceed 1 to 4. For example, there is a maximum of one adult for every four children, two adults for every eight children, etc. If you would like to bring more adults than the 1 to 4 ratio the price per ticket will be $25.00 for A Southwest Nutcracker and $12.00 for The Tortoise and the Jackrabbit.
  •  A minimum order of eight students is required for registration.
  • Transportation is your responsibility to reserve and confirm.
  •  TRB cannot be responsible for incomplete, lost or misdirected registrations.
  •  Food, drink, cameras, cell phones and electronic devices are NOT PERMITTED in the theatres.

Performance Seating

Seating at each performance is determined by the order in which completed registrations are received.  Seating assignments are coordinated on a prearranged seating chart and no individual tickets are mailed or issued.

Registration and Payment

Register early!  Make sure your students are among those enriched by these exciting performances!

1.  Fill out the registration form completely.  Incomplete forms will delay our acknowledgement of your request.

2.  Registrations are accepted by mail only and processed in the order in which they are received.  Registrations cannot be accepted via phone, FAX or email.

3.  A non-refundable deposit, equaling 10% of your total order, must accompany your registration unless you are paying by purchase order.  If you are paying by purchase order, the purchase order must be for the full amount due and included with your registration form. Payment by PO is due prior to the performance.

4. There is a $5.00 handling fee for each registration request. Registering for both A Southwest Nutcracker and the spring show at the same time means only one handling fee!

5.  Checks and authorized purchase orders are accepted as payment.  Only group checks from the contact person or school district will be accepted.  The TRB will not accept checks from individuals, families or students.

6.  Registration is confirmed only when both the registration form and deposit or purchase order are received, and the performance is not sold out.

7.  An invoice showing the balance due and date due will be emailed with your confirmation.

8.  The balance due for your total order must be received 30 calendar days prior to the performance for which you are registered.  Failure to pay the balance due will result in your class being excluded from the performance unless prior special arrangements are made.

Confirmed Registrations Receive

  •  Invoice for balance due (upon receipt of completed registration.)
  •  Verification of reserved seats (no tickets will be sent)
  •  Teacher/student enrichment material (approximately two weeks prior to the show.)

General Policies

Registrations are processed daily in the order in which they are received.  We will not “hold” seats without a registration form and deposit or purchase order.

Confirmation is indicated by an invoice sent from the Tucson Regional Ballet (TRB). If you do not receive an invoice, your group will not attend the performance. Questions about the status of your registration should be directed to Bridget Wilde at bwilde@tucsonregionalballet.org.

All correspondence, including invoices, will be emailed to the contact person indicated on the registration form.  It is that person’s responsibility to share matinee information appropriately.

If a school cancels or modifies its order (regardless of payment form), payment will be refunded less the 10% deposit if the school gives 30 calendar days notice prior to the performance date.  If less than 30 days notice is given, a refund less the 10% deposit will be given only if we are able to resell the seats.

Parking information can be obtained by phoning the TCC directly at (520) 791-4101 or by visiting the TCC website at http://www.tucsonaz.gov/tcc/events_home.htm.

The Tucson Convention Center offers wheelchair accessibility, and the Tucson Regional Ballet will be happy to assist with any special needs requests.  Please include any accessibility requests on your matinee registration.

Important Reminder

Electronic devices, food, drink, and cameras are not permitted in the theatre.

Thank you for your cooperation.